** We are currently accepting applications for Season 4 of Copper Brown Sessions.**

Copper Brown provides Writing Rooms and Recording Services to labels and publishers as well as being the home of Copper Brown Sessions.

When creating Copper Brown, we threw away the rule book and instead chose to focus on building a studio the way we always imagined it should be. We wanted to build something that was more than just a recording studio, it’s a community and we use this amazing space we have to film some of the best new and exciting artists in the UK right now.

Should you wish to submit an application to perform please use the form provided below. Please note that we only accept original songs and that only 25 artists are picked each year with each one performing 2 songs. We have a very high number of applications so please do not feel disheartened if you do not hear from us.

Make sure you read the Session Submission notes below the form and thank you in advance for your application.



  1. Please only submit video footage and not simply audio recordings.
  2. Please make sure your video is of a live performance.
  3. Please do not email us WAVs or MP3s, or VIDEO files as they will not be opened.
  4. Please submit all demos via YouTube or equivalent video link sharing platform.
  5. Each artist that is picked performs two songs, please only submit live footage of you performing the songs that you wish to perform on Copper Brown Sessions.
  6. We do NOT ACCEPT COVERS. Please ensure that any songs you wish to perform are your own work.
  7. Please make sure that the footage is of a good enough quality to be able to both hear and see you performing. Footage recorded at home on your phone is fine as long as it is clear.
  8. We are not genre specific, if it’s good… it’s good.

LASTLY, Due to the extremely high number of applications to perform we receive, we do not respond to individual submissions, however, we do listen to each and every one.

Our staff are very busy so please do not be offended if you haven’t heard from us.  Please do not call or email to check if you have been accepted. As long as you have put the correct email and telephone number in your application, should we see something we like, we will contact you 🙂

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