Stuart is our resident drummer at Copper Brown.

He studied at The British Academy of New Music, and went on to be part of their educator program. Stuart has been teaching for 10 years, facilitating workshops for both charities and schools.

Stuart is a regular on the London and festival circuit and has performed at such venues as Wembley Arena for the X Factor finals, various BBC TV and radio appearances, recording for Warner at Sticky Studios and countless other performances.

Stuart has worked with the following artists:
Ed Sheeran, Kelly Rowland / Amelia Lilly, Mikill Pane, Shakka, Ruth Koleva, David Stewart, Slakah The Beatchild, Nate James and countless more independent and indie label artists.

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    AMAHLA – Dorothy’s Verses | #043 365 250 Copper Brown

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    ADMT – Man Now | #042 365 250 Copper Brown
    Eloise viola

    ELOISE VIOLA – For My Eyes | #0041

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