THOM ARTWAY – Many Partings | #044

THOM ARTWAY – Many Partings | #044

THOM ARTWAY – Many Partings | #044 365 250 Copper Brown


Thom Artway took a well deserved break while touring the UK to perform his song ‘Many Partings’ for Copper Brown Sessions.

THOM ARTWAY - Many Partings | #044

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Thom Artway

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Thom Artway perfectly combines a modern sound with classic songwriting. His folk-pop songs are captivating
thanks to his distinctive voice and clearly recognizable melodies. He creates a musically emotional world
with introspective lyrics for his listeners. He is freely inspired by British songwriters and has already set out
his path with his debut, Hedgehog (2016 by Warner Music). Thom heads towards his second record now
which will be released internationally in 2019.

His first international release All I Know saw support from the likes of CelebMix, Indie Band Guru and Music Match among others. Thom´s second international release single Sleeping Next To You was supported from the likes of Clash, Talk about music, Imperfect fifth etc.

Thom grew up busking in the streets of Prague, he first came to the attention when his song Towards the
Sun was chosen as the soundtrack for the Czech movie Křídla Vánoc. Than he travelled and played across
Australia to hone his skills. The debut single I Have No Inspiration dominated the Czech charts for two
years, becoming a domestic hit, and culminating with Thom winning two of the most prestigious Czech
music awards called Anděl 2016.

In 2017, Thom Artway became the winner of the Czech Fresh project, which focuses on Czech music
exports. Winner of international music project, voted for by Mark Bennett (London office of United Talent Agency). The prize enabled Thom to record in the renowned Sono Records studio, shoot a music video in YouTube Space in London and participate in European showcase festivals in Europe (Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019, The Alternative Great Escape 2018 in UK, MaMA Festival in France, Waves Vienna 2018 in Austria, Mastering the Music Business 2018 in Romania, MusikMesse 2018 in Germany. Last year Thom performed at Sziget festival, Amsterdam, Helsinky, Zurich, Luxembourg and was was also touring in UK.

thom artway
thom artway




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    • What a lovely start to a week when @livausten ‘s vinyl arrives. 🤗 Where’s the signature though Liv?? 🖊 Huh??? 😂😂👍
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The sixth season of Copper Brown Sessions kicks off today and we are so proud to be welcoming @jettrebel @aywingmusic @sampleanswer @tallyspear + @tom_p_music to the @copperbrownuk family 🤗
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    • Thom Artway returns with an acoustic performance of his song ‘All I Know’ for Copper Brown Sessions - link to full vid in bio 👀🎶📺
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    THOM ARTWAY – Many Partings | #044

    THOM ARTWAY – Many Partings | #044 365 250 Copper Brown

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