EVANS (Arcadia Group)


Arcadia brand Evans approached us write a bespoke track for the ‘I Am Me campaign’.
Evans’ ethos is all about empowering women to be themselves and they required an uplifting and feminine song to sit in line with this narrative. Having a tight deadline and being quoted crazy prices trying to acquire the rights to a song by an artist signed to a major label, they had an urgent turnaround of two and a half weeks for the track to be written, recorded, mastered and handed over. Copper Brown rose to the challenge! Using their consumer research, we set about writing the track and finding a totally on brand artist to provide us with vocals. This led us to Scarlet Baxter, a London singer who was the perfect choice. We provided them with an instrumental to be used in the advert, and a full pop track to be played in store and downloaded by their customers. The track was a runaway success with both the brand and their customers, the advert and track were used as a digital campaign and shown in UK cinemas.


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