Writer / Producer

Producer & Songwriter, Sean has been a signed artist with Warner Bros. & Sire Records in the USA since 2015.

After releasing his first record ‘Somewhere Between’ with artist Alvarez Kings, recorded in Los Angeles, Sean worked as Producer, Arranger, lyricist and song writer as well as Co-Producer and Mix Engineer.

Sean has been involved in writing many styles and compositions for commercial and visual purposes ranging from orchestral instrumentation, house and electronic EDM and pop productions.

Specialising in synthesis and guitar, Sean has a wealth of understanding in live performance, recording and production techniques having spent over a decade in the music industry and knows how to implement those skills to create beautifully constructed pieces of music that evoke a multitude of emotions.

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    My Life In Songs: BELLA ROX

    1024 480 Bella Rox

    Just because I can’t actually play any instruments (despite my Suzuki piano lessons as a kid) I love music. It would be pretty rubbish for me if I worked at Copper Brown and wasn’t obsessed with the stuff. So let me present the tracks that have punctuated the poignant times of my life thus far, and…

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    The Power of Music

    1024 480 Luke Cutler

    Take a look at the bunny in this video. First thing’s first, it is the exact same clip four times in a row. Pay attention to not just how the music makes you feel… but how you feel about the subject matter. Is the bunny the victim or the antagonist? Where do the others sit in…

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    1024 480 Luke Cutler

    We don’t sign artists! We don’t give five album deals, pick up the tabs for trashed hotel rooms or try find 1000 brown m&m’s to fill a brandy glass to entice our performers on stage! We sign songs! Copper Brown we are excited to announce that our Record Label and Publishing House are now open…

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