My Life In Songs: BELLA ROX

Copper Brown share songs from throughout their lives, here is the first instalment from Brand Manager Bella.

My Life In Songs: BELLA ROX

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Just because I can’t actually play any instruments (despite my Suzuki piano lessons as a kid) I love music. It would be pretty rubbish for me if I worked at Copper Brown and wasn’t obsessed with the stuff.

So let me present the tracks that have punctuated the poignant times of my life thus far, and helped shape my musical tastes today. Most tracks you will know, some you might not; so have a little listen and tell us what you think.


DAVID BOWIE: ‘Oh, You Pretty Things’

I was about 6 years old when I first heard this, and something about it just struck me. I was so enamoured I remember running out into the garden to tell my mate over the fence about it (not that much exciting shit happens to you when you are 6)

This was the start of a lifelong obsession with David Bowie; his music, art, ethos, I just fucking love the dude. I hadn’t yet made the connection between this song and the sexy purple-legging wearing goblin king from the Labyrinth, but when I did I adored this, and him, even more.


OASIS: ‘Live Forever’

In 1994 I was 11, had a really short bob, wore a choker every day and thought I was seriously fucking cool. I also had a mad crush on a lad at my drama club with REALLY great curtains. I overheard him saying he was into ‘this new band called Oasis’ so in an effort to impress him I promptly went and bought Definitely Maybe. My plan was to hum ‘Live Forever’ near him, so he would realise we had loads in common and probably should go out with each other and be in love and stuff. It didn’t work. However, my sister and I thought the album was so brilliant that we played it all day for around a month.  That is until my dad threw the CD in the pond in a fit of Oasis-induced rage.


PLACEBO: ‘Teenage Angst’

Fast forward to 1997, my hair is dyed black, I have a really horrific eyebrow piercing, and my Saturday afternoons are spent sitting outside the Good Mixer, nursing half a snake bite and straining to catch a glimpse of any Brit Pop idols on the lash. Nancy Boy was my album of choice. This song takes me straight back to those hormones filled, piss stained streets of Camden.

Bonus story: My sister bought what she thought was a lump of hash from a guy down an ally in Camden, and it was actually a lump of bark. TWICE.


GOLDIE: ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’

I spent the eve of Y2k at a house party in Hampstead. Everyone is large pupiled and wired and for some ridiculous reason we only have one CD that works; (a pain the party kids of today will never EVER understand). That CD is Goldie ‘Ring of Saturn’. Luckily for us this album is a fucking masterpiece of melodic drum and bass that just sounds better each time you listen to it, especially if you are off your tits. What a way to welcome in a new century.


SIA: ‘Little Man’ (Exemen Works/Wookie Remix)

It’s the early noughties.  I have bleached the shit out of my hair and I have a real classy gem glued to one of my front teeth. I spend most weekend gyrating against a speaker in Tottenham, sweating streaks into my fake tan. Garage was a massive scene in North London and I bloody loved it. (yeah before it was old skool it was just called garage). This is a banging tune that I will still skank to right now. I regret nothing.


FOO FIGHTERS: ‘Learn to Fly’

I felt like I saw the foo fighters about 10 times during my 20’s, it was the golden time of the Foo’s when they were constantly on tour and bashing out album after album. Luke and I saw them at the 02 (yeah that Luke) where he made the rookie mistake of taking a toilet break. Just as he walked back to his seat,Dave Grohl said ‘well you are never going to see that again’ Brain May had just finished performing with them, and Luke missed it cause he needed to pee. Next time just do it in your pants.  Also, best music video ever.


FLORENCE + THE MACHINE: ‘Hurricane Drunk’

I was living in a grotty flat share above Woody’s in Finsbury park, freshly single, going out and getting trashed every night while feeling a little bit sad. Like any good Brit I drink my feelings and I think this song sums up that whole hazy, boozy summer spent between The Full Back and The Old Dairy. An anthem for the dumped. It would appear that my life is punctuated with music… and pubs


THE CURE: ‘Love Cats’

Hope you didn’t feel too sorry for me after that last song folks but guess what, my year of hangovers and regret didn’t end up so bad, as this song was only my bloody first dance! Yep, someone married me. I know.  And he let me pick the song. Well, that’s not entirely true, my (now) husband wanted ‘Paint It Black’ by the Stones, however I just didn’t want a song about depression. We flirted with the idea of Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan but ended up with something easier to dance to. Everyone together now da da da da da da daaa daaaaaaa…


JONI MITCHELL: ‘Little Green’

This is my current compulsive listening. Delving into the back catalogue of an artist so much fun, especially when you uncover gems like this. The album Blue is just gorgeous,  I am a such a sucker for a lyric. This song drew me in with the emotion first, and when I found out the meaning behind it I actually shed a little tear. An actual tear. From my eye. Then listened to it about 50 times more and it made me feel better with the sheer beauty of it.



What are the songs that have stood out to YOU? Leave us a comment below and tell us.

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