One of our favourite things to do at Copper Brown is to create original music. We make everything from bespoke tracks to bring your latest campaign to life, through to a complete audio identity that can be used for years to come. Our creative producers are specialists who eat, sleep and breath music so you don’t have to. The cost effective pricing structure means you get a piece of music for a reasonable fee, and everyone involved is being paid fairly, so you can feel warm and fuzzy about that too.

For more information please call us on 020 3874 0044 to talk to our team.


All of the songs in the vault are ready for sync placement, have not been commercially released and are available in both 24bit/16bit depths, 44.1khz/48khz and have instrumental versions to suit any requirements.

To discuss any of these tracks or if you would like something custom written to a specific brief please call us on +44 (020) 3874 0044 or email us via audioagency@copperbrown.co.uk


Take a look at the bunny in this video. First thing’s first, it is the exact same clip four times in a row. Pay attention to not just how the music makes you feel… but how you feel about the subject matter.

Is the bunny the victim or the antagonist? Where do the others sit in relation to him? Are they in trouble or is he?

Then think about your own content and how the musical element sits with your product or service and ask yourself…

How important is the music to your campaign?

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